YCE Code of Conduct and Ethics

The focus on ethics is an essential approach to ensure the reliability of a company’s behavior in the entire civil and economic context in which it operates. The purpose of the principles of conduct in business activities is to emphasize the need for an ethical approach to the conduct of all activities, translating in practice the behavioral principles of society through their consistent application and supporting the company’s commitment to sound and proper management. Aware of the importance of an ethical and moral approach, YCE has adopted a “Code of ethics” that regulates rights, duties and responsibilities, which are expressly used with interlocutors with whom it interacts daily.

General principles

YCE adopts compliance with laws and regulations as an essential principle, which therefore must be adopted by every employee in all activities. This commitment must also apply to suppliers, customers and to anyone who has dealings with YCE, which will not initiate or continue any relationship with anyone who does not agree with the principle of strict compliance with all applicable laws.
Our ethics also requires us not only to respect the rule of law in every situation, but also to do what is morally correct and responsible for the operation of business, without compromising the principles of honesty, loyalty, trust, mutual respect and dignity, responsibility, and transparency. Employees of the company must act with integrity and be open, honest and loyal in all aspects of their work, requesting the same behavior from everyone they do business with. In particular, the General Principles are about:

  • human resources development and integrity of the person
  • legality
  • confidentiality
  • responsibility towards customers
  • honesty and fairness
  • responsibility to society
  • transparency
  • fight against corruption and conflicts of interest
  • quality of products and services
  • impartiality
  • protection of the environment
  • fairness of authority

Organization, management and control

Along with the Code of Ethics, the company is implementing a new model oforganization, management and control functions.
The model clearly defines the procedural directives with which compliance is required at all stages of decision-making and operational business activities, in order to ensure the proper functioning and reliability of the management and the image of our company.
Code of ethics and Organizational Model, therefore, supply the set of rules and principles that are used in accordance with the criteria of legality, fairness and transparency.