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Yce Repair System maintenance
and repair of windblades

Welcome to YCE Repair System

YCE is an independent service provider of applied structural engineering solutions for maintenance and repair of wind blades.
We develop and apply advanced techniques and processes in the composite materials sector.
This enables us to tailor our service to the specific needs of each Customer.



Lean processes and HSE certified services.
Expertise and innovation in every business process, in accordance with ISO 9001:2015.

Team 3R

Rapid, Responsive: Resolve
Our operative teams specialize in inspection, maintenance and repair of wind blades at height.


Dedicated engineering: our structural engineers work are multidisciplinary and innovative.

GL certified

All the materials we use are GL certified; our technological processes meet DNV-GL international standards.

How we do it

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Since 2009 we have been active in wind blade maintenance, supplying solution and services to O&M management with our “YCE Repair System”, approved and certified by DNV-GL Business Assurance.
Over the years we have worked on more than 3,000 blades in wind farms across Southern Europe; particularly on Vestas, Gamesa and GE, as well as Nordex, Siemens, Repower/Senvion, Neg Micon, Riva Calzoni WTGs.

What we do


Our OptiXpert™ system supports your O&M processes by:

  • – choosing appropriate inspection solutions
  • – making OEM-independent evaluation of the state of your wind blades
  • – making root cause analysis of damage
  • – programming intervention plans
  • – carrying out dedicated R&D

Standardized blade inspection is guaranteed by our specialized technicians and our structural engineering support staff.


Unscheduled structural reconstruction and repair of wind blades.

We evaluate the damage, design the repair and are promptly on site to repair the blade, thus reducing to an absolute minimum your production downtime and guaranteeing the perfect reconstruction of the blade at height, both from the structural and airfoil design point of view.

Structural reconstructions of wind turbines: we have developed, tested and applied our own in-house repair procedures, in accordance with the best technical standards of the industry.

YCE regularly carries out, at height, repairs of damage considered unrepairable.


YCE–TBM: Total Blade Maintenance is the YCE program for preventative and planned or unplanned breakdown/corrective maintenance at height.

A windpark-resident team is constantly deployed: together with remote technical management and support, it monitors, evaluates, schedules and carries out blade maintenance and repairs.

Plan: we plan priorities
Do: we carry out inspections and evaluations
Check: we check and process blade maintenance programs
Act: we apply solutions

YCE Total Blade Maintenance synergy for energy!

Service Level Agreement
  • Intervention starts
  • Inspection/Evaluation and Reporting of damage with YCE OptiXpert ™
  • HSE management
  • Remote Management of maintenance interventions
  • Repairs with GL Approved
    YCE Repair System
  • LPS measurement/verification
  • Rotor balancing
  • Repair validation and activities Report
  • Warranty
  • Dedicated logistics and materials
  • Hoisting/Lifting
  • Rotor block/unblock operator
  • Dedicated R&D
  • Go & See

  • Within 48H of request
  • Once
  • Included
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • at the end of the work
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Just in Time

  • Within 48H of request
  • Once
  • Included
  • Included
  • YCE Flying Doctors (Rapid Response Repair Teams)
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Daily and at the end of the work
  • 12 Months
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Total Blade Maintenance

  • Within 24H of request or as scheduled
  • Every six months
  • Included
  • Included
  • YCE Resident Team
  • Included
  • Optional
  • Daily and at the end of the work
  • 24 Months
  • Included
  • Optional
  • Optional
  • Optional

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